Lord Kraken is about to cast a death spell on you....steal the magic wand from the castle of Lord Kraken to advert the spell! You have 1 hour before the Lord strikes you down. Good Luck! 

Your group of detectives have been givin access to the house of famed killer Buffalo Bill. The local police have found nothing. You must find evidence of his whereabouts and find the missing girl. Buffalo Bill has never been found......is he still in the house??? Is he ready to make you his next victim??? Search the house and help the FBI track him down and bring the most wanted serial killer to justice!!!

Please show up 15 mins early to go over the details on your escape. We do have 3 Locations to serve you, so make sure to let everyone know in your party of the correct location! Escapes last up to 60 min. Jurassic Escape, Airplane Crash!, Star Warz, Casino Heist!, Old West Heist, Area 51, Wizards & Warlords and Silence of the Lamb are designed for 6 max! Team Building Gold Mine is designed for 2-6 person teams. Asylum is a 12 person 7 room escape (90Mins). Virtual Reality rooms are designed for 4 players -13 years of age or older escapees.  Remember if you do not book every spot in the booking you may be paired with strangers.

Also you will need someone 18 and over to be in a room with minors. 

Han lost his Falcon while a night of gambling. Rescue Han's Falcon from the Empire clutches! 

               Success rate 25%                                       Success rate 40%           

Escape from home! We ship you a Xcape box and you play the game at any time anywhere! Due to the high demand shipping times may be delayed. 


                Success rate 55%                                    Success rate 20%           

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Explore the 7 rooms of an old insane asylum to find clues and solve riddles to find a way out! The only 90 min 12 person escape that will be sure to thrill! Do you have what it takes to escape the asylums clutches...Good luck

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You and your team have 60 min to fix the power problem at the park. Backup generators will give us 1 hour of power until it goes out for good and all the cage doors will open and all the Dinosaurs will be set free! Get the power back on to the park before we become Dino food!

               Success rate 35%                                  Success rate 45%           



We change a room every 3 months so we always have new ESCAPES ready and waiting for you to experience.  We will give YOU the control to vote on what room will be next! We will have a poll on our site to determine what escape you would like to see next! Every room we make will be you, the escapees choice!

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Northglenn Rooms!

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               Success rate 30%                                       Success rate 9%           

Your friend works at the local Casino and has a lead on the Casino having 1 Million in chips in the vault tonight! You assemble your team and make a plan! With some help from your inside man will you be 1 million dollars richer tonight? In 1 hour we will find out! Don't get caught. Good luck!  





               Success rate 50%                                       Success rate 10%           

Can you


An old outlaw buddy of yours said in this there bank vault there would be the largest Diamond in the world! The catch, Marshals will be moving said Diamond to Fort Knox within the hour. You have 1 hr to be rich or dead....  Good Luck!

You and your team are searching for Flight 666! You got a tip that a unlucky passenger on board was carrying a duffle bag full of money!!! The flight crashed in the jungle and hidden somewhere inside is a fortune! The battery in black box beacon only has an hour before it dies and the plane is lost forever! Find the plane and search the wreckage for the duffle bag full of cash!!!



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Search this Gold mine and find the largest gold nugget in world! Beat the other team by killing their lights! Black them out and grab the nugget! Watch out! This cave is very unstable! Good luck!

Do aliens exist? You and some friends need to storm the bunker and find proof! There is a classified briefcase somewhere in bunker find it and escape! Good luck!  

15BUCKS Denver and Northglenn  20BUCKS Asylum  VR20 ​Virtual Reality