The World is about to end. You and your group wake up in a strange room. You hear a group in the room next door. The game is on! You have been set up and only the strong will survive! Only one group makes it out alive. Will it be you?

Don't want to leave your business during business hours? No worries we will setup at your business! We have a Mobile Escape Room we can bring to you! We have 2 levels of difficulty which have escapees in the escape for either 15 or 30 mins. We can use onsite power or bring our own.

New Team Building Room available!

Colorado Escape is proud to offer a Competition room! 2 Teams of 6 battle to escape first. As for a clue or sabotage the other team!  Perfect for any business that has 4 - 12 team members at one time! Great for building skills like organization and communication!