You are a group of Treasure Hunters! Indiana Jones style! You get a tip about the location of the rare and priceless Golden Gato!  You have 1 hour to find it before another band of treasure hunters rain on your fun! Find the Golden Gato and escape! This room is loaded with clues and traps! Watch out for booby traps because the last treasure hunter that went in.......never came out!!!!

Success Rate           15%

Success rate        50%

Be the detective and figure

out who killed who and with what!!

A mix between Clue and a scavenger hunt!

Greeley Escapes!

Success rate        40%

You have been Kidnapped!

You have one hour to escape the killer!

Your "Space Ship" has crashed landed on a strange planet. You and your space explorers wakeup from a hyper sleep to find a asteroid heading for the planet you landed on. Your team has 60 min to get out of the ship before the oxygen runs out and the planet explodes. There is a rescue ship inbound and your mission has went from exploration to survival! Escape before the air runs out and the planet is destroyed!   

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Success rate        20%

    15% Success                          50% Success