Your Lead agent has been kidnapped! Kidnappers are trying to steal the Microchip with all the agents info! Find the agent and recover the microchip!  

Wrongfully convicted! Break into the wardens office and escape! 


BOOOOM. You wake up in a bunker and find out its a Gas Chamber. Gas is slowing leaking in. You have 1 hour to escape! 

You have 60 mins to find the lost city. Steal a Sub and track the city down! Good Luck!   

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You have been Kidnapped!

You have one hour to escape the killer!

Find the Pirate ship and find the Treasure map! Beware you only have 1 hour!

Find the Key to the KINGDOM! You have 1 hour before you are thrown into the pit of misery! Good Luck!

Be the detective and figure

out who killed who and with what!!

A mix between Clue and a scavenger hunt!

QUAKE! You are trapped alive! Find a way out before the building comes down!

You have 1 hour to find it before another band of treasure hunters rain on your fun! Find the Golden Gato and escape! This room is loaded with clues and traps! Watch out for booby traps because the last treasure hunter that went in.......never came out!!!!