You break in to the Area 51 bunker, and slam! The door locks behind you. Escape before you become the experiement. Good luck!  

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                Success rate 35%                                    Success rate 55%           

You have been invited by the Wonerland Police Department to be detectives! You have one hour to figure who killed Mrs. Jones. The crime scene is littered with evidence! Figure out who killed her and what weapon was used! Good luck!



Northglenn Rooms!

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               Success rate 20%                                       Success rate 35%           

The Warden has been getting paid to break people out. You guys found out and before you could alert the authorities....CLINK you are locked up! Death row is a bad place!Escape the row before time runs out! 

BOOOOM. You wake up in a bunker and find out its a Gas Chamber. Gas is slowing leaking in. You have 1 hour to escape! 

Greeley Rooms!

Your team has found a map to the lost city! Only one problem it is 2000 ft under the sea! We have found a submarine and stole it. Unfortunatly we only have an hour before the coast guard finds us. Find your way to the Submarine and search for the Lost City! Good luck!  

               Success rate 50%                                       Success rate 25%           

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 Success rate 15%                                            Success rate 50% 

               Success rate 25%                                       Success rate 20%           

Find the Key to the KINGDOM! You have 1 hour before you are thrown into the pit of misery! Good Luck!

You have been invited to a party! Once you get to the party you realise it is trap. You get lured into a dark room and slam. The door locks. You have one hour to escape before the serial killer finishes his game.

Good Luck.....You life depends on it!


We change a room every 3 months so we always have new ESCAPES ready and waiting for you to experience.  We will give YOU the control to vote on what room will be next! We will have a poll on our site to determine what escape you would like to see next! Every room we make will be you, the escapees choice!

You are treasure hunters and found a lost Pirate ship! You have one hour to find the lost treasure map!   Good luck!


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EARTHQUAKE! You have one hour to escape before being trapped alive! Good luck!

Can you


Please show up 15 mins early to go over the details on your escape. We do have 3 Locations to serve you, so make sure to let everyone know in your party of the correct location! Escapes last up to 60 min. The Temple of Doom, Lost City!, Murder Mystery, KIDNAPPED!, Games of Thrones, Trapped Alive and Prison 2017 are designed for 6 max! Secret Agent is a 2 person max room. Team Building is designed for 12 people. Remember if you do not book every spot in the booking you may be paired with strangers.

Also you will need someone 18 and over to be in a room with minors. 

You and your team have 60 min to fix the power problem at the park. Backup generators will give us 1 hour of power until it goes out for good and all the cage doors will open and all the Dinosaurs will be set free! Get the power back on to the park before we become Dino food!