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"Prison Break" will make you prove your innocent's after you get wrongly convicted of a crime. You get thrown in jail and have to figure out how to get out and prove you are the wrong guy! Watch out, prison is a nasty place. Lucky for you the guard assigned to your cell block believes your story and is willing to help. Try to escape but don't forget you have to prove your innocence so you can be set free!

We change a room every 3 months so we always have new ESCAPES ready and waiting for you to experience.  We will give YOU the control to vote on what room will be next! We will have a poll on our site to determine what escape you would like to see next! Every room we make will be you, the escapees choice!

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The Heist

Your "Space Ship" has crashed landed on a strange planet. You and your space explorers wakeup from a hyper sleep to find a asteroid heading for the planet you landed on. Your team has 60 min to get the ship ready to fly by repairing the systems that were damaged by the landing. Your mission has went from exploration to survival! Take off before the asteroid hits and destroys everything!  

Please show up 15 mins early to go over the details on your escape. Escapes last up to 60 min. The Blackout competition room is designed for 12 max! We have two identical rooms and you have to split up in teams and compete to escape first! The Heist and Prison are designed for up to 8 but 6 are recommended. The Spaceship is designed for 6 max!

                Success rate 45%                                     Success rate 55%           


"The Heist" will test your skills in breaking into a bank and stealing the largest Diamond in the world. Watch out booby traps! Wits or TNT to get into the Vault? You will have a inside man that will provide you the necessary tools you need to successfully steal the largest score in history and escape from the vault before time runs out!

Prison Break

                Success rate 10%                                     Success rate 32%           

"Black Out"  presents Outbreak! You and your team have been the chosen doctors to find and deliver the cure to a virus that has been turning the world into zombies! Simple right? Well the thing is there is another team trying to find the same cure in the next room. Will you get a clue to help you escape or sabotage the other team? The puzzles in both rooms are identical and once you solve them the opponents lights go out. Don't be the one to get blacked out! Find the cure and blackout your opponent and you will save the world from the apocalypse!



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